The Compassionate Heart Interspiritual Community

A Member of The UAIC


  • Some spiritual communities form around common beliefs, others form around common practices. We gather around our common experience of not feeling comfortable in traditional religious settings. Like an ill-fitting coat, we have taken that way of seeing the world off and are seeking another. We aren’t saying tradition is bad. We are saying it doesn’t work very well for us.
  • We agree with Rachel Held-Evans, who wrote: “…when a church functions more like a recovery group than a religious organization, when it commits to practicing ‘honesty for the sake of restoration,’ all sorts of unexpected [and interesting] people show up.”
  • While to one degree or another we may find abstract theological discussions interesting, we believe applying our spiritual journey to our daily life is the most important thing. The questions is, “How do we make sense of life?”
  • We are tired of people who pretend to know all the answers. Instead, we ask questions because we have learned that there is no such thing as an answer without a question.
  • We believe that all religious and spiritual systems have something of value to offer. At the same time, we believe that none of them contain the entire truth because that would make them God (or whatever your preferred name for Ultimate Truth might be).
  • All people are welcome here, just as they are. Whether you are tall or short; thin or thick; male, female, or non-binary; whatever your sexual orientation; whatever your ethnicity; whether you are employed or unemployed; sick, healthy or in-between; married, single, living together, polygamous, poly-amorous, or in some other relationship not listed here; regardless or your spiritual or religious history or lack thereof; you are welcome here – AND, most importantly, we aren’t going to try to change you.
  • When we gather on Sundays at 1pm we sing songs, read from different spiritual texts, meditate, pray, hear a brief talk, and then discuss the topic of the day. This is not a passive experience, your opinions are needed!
  • We actively seek service projects in the community.
  • From time to time we have special offerings included but not limited to: book studies, meditations classes, soul care classes, retreats of varying lengths, experiential opportunities such as labyrinth walking, movies and videos.

There is much more, and we invite you to explore our website to learn more, to check out our meetup group, and contact us if you have any questions!