Our Schedule, Readings, and Zoom Link

On Saturdays at 10am we meet via Zoom for our primary service of the week. We call it an “Interspiritual Gathering,” and in many ways, it is similar to worship services you may have attended at traditional churches. We have readings, sing songs and eastern chant, hear a brief commentary on our readings followed by discussion. In other ways, it’s very different. We may have one reading from the Christian Bible each compassion heartweek, but we quite often use readings from other traditions – most often Buddhism or a Hindu teacher such as Ram Dass. Our commentary focuses on real life and how to make progress on the spiritual path. We believe the goal of the spiritual path is awakening or enlightenment, not salvation – because we have no need of salvation. Our services are uplifting, true to real life, and we love to laugh!

Readings and the Zoom link for the next weekend are posted below by Tuesday afternoon:

Topic: Capitalism Ain’t Christian!

Reading for Sunday, April 11th at 10am 

Acts 4:32-35

The community of believers was one in heart and mind. None of them would say, “This is mine!” about any of their possessions, but held everything in common. The apostles continued to bear powerful witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and an abundance of grace was at work among them all. There were no needy persons among them. Those who owned properties or houses would sell them, bring the proceeds from the sales, and place them in the care and under the authority of the apostles. Then it was distributed to anyone who was in need. 

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83083107434

Beginning April 18th we will have a three week exploration of the Affirmation of Faith used in Compassionate Heart Gatherings! Each week we will take one of the bullet points below! It is printed here in its entirety:

  • We believe that God is present in the darkness before dawn, in the waiting and uncertainty where fear and courage join hands, conflict and caring link arms, and the sun rises over barbed wire.
  • We believe in a with-us God, who sits down in our midst to share our humanity. We affirm a faith that takes us beyond the safe place; into action, into vulnerability, and into the streets.
  • We commit ourselves to work for change, and to put ourselves on the line; to bear responsibility, take risks, live powerfully, and face humiliation; to stand with those on the edge; to choose life, and be used by the Spirit for God’s new community of hope.

To check our schedule for changes or new events, or to RSVP or learn more about one of our regularly scheduled events, we invite you to visit our Meetup page.