Spiritual Care Center at Compassionate Heart


The Spiritual Care Center at Compassionate Heart

Life can be overwhelming at times. One way to understand spirituality is to see it as the way we make sense of our lives. There are many ways to do that, and not all of them are religious. In fact, most of them aren’t, but when we find ourselves struggling it can be very helpful to have a compassionate spiritual companion to journey with us on the way. Please feel free to contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page if you would like to know more about the Spiritual Care Center at Compassionate Heart!

Spiritual Guidance

If you have ever wondered why “things” keep happening to you, or what the meaning of them might be; if you are Counselling and Supportstruggling to work through losses or grief; if you are wondering why bad things happen to good people or why natural disasters seem to strike in the places that can least afford to respond; if you are struggling with illness in yourself or someone you love; if your spiritual life has become a dry, barren land where direction is hard to find, Spiritual Guidance is for you! Spiritual Guidance isn’t psychotherapy, although we believe psychotherapy is a very good thing. Rather, Spiritual Guidance is a supportive conversation where you can explore the questions and challenges of life from a spiritual perspective. It seeks to answer the question, “Where is God (or the Divine, the Universe, the Holy) in this?” It doesn’t require you to have a particular religious or spiritual perspective, nor does a Spiritual Guide attempt to impose one on you. We are trained to meet you where you are on your journey and walk with you on the spiritual path.

Spiritual Companions – Hospital and Home Visits

In days gone by, when we were in the hospital our clergy came to visit. Today, many of us don’t belong to church communities, and even if we did the clergy are often unable to visit us in our homes or in the hospital. Chaplains do wonderful work in healthcare settings, and are to be commended and recommended, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone who knew you to visit with you or your loved one? Whether you make your home in a house, condo or apartment, we are happy to visit. Many people choose to establish a program for themselves or their aging parents where they are visited on a regular schedule by a Spiritual Companion. Should a stay in the hospital become necessary, your Spiritual Companion would make regular hospital visits. Spiritual Companions are also available on an as needed basis, but the ideal situation would be that an established relationship exists so that in times of greatest need you don’t feel that you are talking with a stranger.

Relationship Care

Relationships of all kinds are hard work, but the rewards are many. Like every other living thing, they require care and feeding to thrive. Unlike a plant, relationships often don’t show signs of neglect until they require more than marriage-thoughtssome water to get them to perk back up! From a spiritual perspective, the primary question in relationships is whether they are life-giving or life-denying. Since Spiritual Care isn’t psychotherapy, we examine relationships from their potential to give and enhance life, to provide meaning and richness to the experience of both parties as a path toward wholeness. Perhaps you are trying to decide if a newer relationship feels right to you by sorting through some discomfort about it. Having someone to listen and offer feedback can be a great help. Maybe you are struggling to cope with teenagers, or aging parents, or being a single parent. Relationship Care isn’t just for romantic relationships – all of our relationships need care and nurturing from time to time. Contact us to learn more!


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